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Victor Angleas & Marcio Marinho

donderdag 21 september 2023 20:00 tot 23:59

In partnership, they recorded and shared the stage with renowned Brazilian music artists such as Rosa Passos, Mônica Salmaso, Pedro Martins, Maestro Spok, Ellen Oléria, Guinga, Nelson Faria, Sombrinha, Arismar do Espírito Santo, Gog, Serginho Meriti, Cainã Cavalcante, Pedro Franco, among many others.

Victor AngeleasVictor Angeleas is a renowned musician from Brasilia, an artist who represents the city nationally and internationally with his songs and his instrument. A 10-string mandolin player, multi-instrumentalist, composer, arranger, producer and musical director, he is 33 years old and was born in the country’s capital, a city that breathes art and which inspired him in many ways from an early age. Graduated and master in music from the University of Brasilia, Victor collects awards, albums and important concerts in his career.

In 2018 and 2019, he won The Independent Music Awards, in New York, in the Debut Album and Best Instrumental Album categories, with the groups Sai da Frente and Gypsy Jazz Club, totaling 15 songs of his own. He won different national awards as well and performed on important stages in Brazil, such as Clube do Choro, Rio Montreux Jazz Festival, Lençóis Jazz Festival, Domingos Martins Winter Festival, Teatro Nacional, among others.He performed in countries such as Argentina, Germany, France, Portugal and Vienna.

Victor recorded several albums, participated in dozens of works by other artists and recorded with renowned musicians. With his bold language that values simplicity, beauty, sound, improvisation and virtuosity, he seeks to express his art freely and consciously, in order to contribute to the construction and development of modern Brazilian music.Angeleas participates in important projects such as Samba Urgente, Gypsy Jazz Club, Face Musical, duo with Márcio Marinho, Face Quarteto, Grupo Sai da Frente, his solo work, among others. He participated in important musicals in Brasilia, composed the soundtrack of an award-winning documentary and is a licensed professor at the Escola de Música de Brasília.

Márcio MarinhoMarinho is a musician with an established career in the world music scene, being one of the forerunners of the 6-string cavaquinho, in addition to being a director and music producer, arranger, composer and mastering in music from Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), – Márcio has a degree in music from the University Claretiano.With important projects in his musical journey such as Choro Livre, Programa Face Musical, Choro no Eixo, Samba Urgente, Galinha Caipira Completa, Face Quarteto, Tropicalibach, Márcio Marinho solo, Trio Cai Dentro, among others, Márcio performed on important stages in several places in Brazil and the world, in countries such as: Portugal, Germany, Italy, Austria, Spain, Belgium, Dubai, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru, Uruguay, USA, Colombia, China, Tunisia, Suriname, Canada, among others.He recorded and shared the stage with several Brazilian music artists, such as Carlos Malta, Yamandu Costa, Hermeto Pascoal, Hamilton de Holanda, Dominguinhos, Maestro Spok, Serginho Meriti and Rosa Passos. He won the national award: Furnas Geração Musical Award in 2009, with the Cai Dentro Trio.He released albums with groups such as Choro Livre, Trio Cai Dentro, Galinha Caipira Completa and Face Quarteto, in addition to having released his solo 5-string cavaquinho album, called Márcio Marinho. On the Tropicalibach album, he recorded Bach’s partitas for solo violin on the 6-string cavaquinho. He is currently composing ten songs for solo 6-string cavaquinho, as a professional master’s project at UFRJ, work that will be released next year.